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Wild Lent: Discovering God Through Creation by Rachel Summers

Wild Lent: Discovering God Through Creation by Rachel Summers

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Rachel Summers' new book, Wild Lent, is a game-changer. Why? Simple: instead of a nice cosy room, coffee, biscuits and lots of discussion about the meaning of Lent, you'll be pulling on some wellies and a waterproof, stuffing into a rucksack a flask of hot chocolate, snacks and some woolly hats, and heading off into the wilds! It's time to get up close and personal with Creation and have a Wild Lent!

As Rachel herself says: 'Many people find that they experience spiritual connection more readily when outdoors, and indeed the Bible is full of imagery drawn from the natural world. Creation is well able to speak to us of the creator, and we can take each encounter as our own personal parable, listening to what God wishes to share with us through it.'

The activities in Wild Lent include:

  • Things to do when it's sunny
  • Things to do when it rains
  • Things to do with others
  • Short and easy things to make and do
  • Even shorter and easier things to do
  • Things to do in the early morning
  • Things to do on the move

Make a shadow clock, lie in a hammock, have a sunrise breakfast walk, go on a giant egg hunt, make some wild garlic pesto, hug a tree, walk barefoot ... and share God's creation with others.

paperback 128 pages 7" x 10" approx


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