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Where Do We Go From Here? By John Blanchard

Where Do We Go From Here? By John Blanchard

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You are 24 hours nearer to the moment of your death than you were at this time yesterday. This points powerfully to the fact that there is one inescapable question that ultimately faces every human being on our planet. Old or young, rich or poor, educated or otherwise, robustly healthy or seriously ill, black, white or any other colour, we all face this stark and simple question: Where do we go from here?

We invest a massive amount of time, energy, working, thinking, planning - and money - into the things we do in life. Our jobs, homes, families, possessions, plans and pleasures, hopes and hobbies take up every waking hour - yet every one of these will be snatched away  from us by death. What then? To ignore the question is futile and to toy with it is foolish. It needs to be faced seriously, sensibly, and urgently. This booklet does exactly that.

It exposes the heretical ideas that have deluded millions of people over the centuries, and points clearly to truths that have a surer foundation than any man-made views. Above all, it shows how to approach the end of life not with uncertainty or fear but with confidence and joy.

Read it carefully. It could change your life - for ever!

paperback 14.5 x 21.5cm  40 pages

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